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Creating Polite and Obedient Dogs!


We create Polite and Obedient Puppies & Dogs using methods that are:
 Gentle  -  Positive  -   Fun  -   Fast  -   Effective  -   Scientifically Proven 
Welcome to On The 'Spot' Dog Training, Springfield MO's premier dog training service!
A well-trained dog is a joy for you and others to be around. Unfortunately, dogs donít automatically  know how to be well-behaved pets. Dogs need help understanding what we expect from them. Training your dog to be a well-behaved companion can be challenging and confusing. We can help!

On The 'Spot' Dog Training offers full-service family-dog training, puppy training and behavior consulting services from a qualified and  professional dog trainer with 20 years experience. Our rewards-based training methods are effective, simple to learn, and easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our dog training methods.

We provide customized puppy training and dog obedience to fit each dogs learning style and temperament as well as to fit each owner's goals and desires.  We offer flexible training options and positive reinforcement methods that solve behavior problems quickly and easily.

Your dog will love learning better manners with our fun methods. You will love your well-behaved dog!  Better manners are just a phone call away! Call us now at 417-581-2787 

Private In-Home Dog Training
  • Easy Button Program
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Private Sessions
  • Problem Behaviors
  • Quick, Effective Solutions to Behavior Problems
  • Service Dog Training
  • Diabetic Alert Training
  • Group Dog Training Classes
  • Foundations Levels I, II, III
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Tricks
  • Bark, Snark & Growl Class
  • Service Dog Tasks Class
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    Did you ever wish there was an "Easy Button" you could just push and your dog would automatically be trained for you?  
     Well now there is!!
    Try our "Easy Button" service! We do all the work for you!
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      Playtime With Other Dogs

      Small Dogs Only, 30# & Under 

      Professional Supervision

      Lots Of TLC


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