Group Classes


On The 'Spot' Dog Training Group Classes are a great place for guardians to learn to train their dogs and have the economic benefit of a group setting. Dogs have the opportunity for socialization with new people and new dogs while learning to listen and obey in a distracting environment.   Our training is family focused so bring the kids!  Class size is limited to 6 dogs for specialized attention so register early!



Outdoor Adventures
Our group meets at a new public location each week to practice our good manners in real world situations. We make visits to parks and dog friendly businesses. There is nothing like "real world" experience!
Once you have completed Level 1 with your dog, try Level II  or any of our other classes listed below.


Foundations Level 1 is open to dogs 9 weeks to 9 years old and is an 6-week course. Learn how to train a dog  as we focus on teaching the dogs to pay attention to their guardians, not to jump up on people as well as; sit, stay, come, down, loose leash walking, drop it and leave it. Cost for the 6-week course is $99.  Group Classes can be purchased by themselves but we strongly recommend our Dog Training Programs to truly set yourself up for success in having the polite and obedient dog you are dreaming of .


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Class
This class and award is open to all dogs whether purebred or mixed breed.  Dogs learn the 10 skills required to prove that they are indeed welcomed and well-behaved partners of the community.  Skills include walking on a loose leash, greeting a friendly stranger, stay, come and more.
Group Dog Training Classes

Trick Class

Come have a fun time while being a little silly with the new Trick Class. This class is open to dogs that have completed the Basic Class. We learn tricks like: bow, spin, weave, play dead, brave dog, put your toys away and more! Performing tricks is a great energy outlet for your dog while improving his behavior and your control.


Ozark Classes are held at the Finley River Park, in the 4H Building.

Springfield  Classes are held at the Oak Grove Community Center, 1538 S Oak Grove Ave. 

Check out the class schedule page for upcoming dates. 


Creating Polite and Obedient Dogs!




Do you have a dog who is a drama queen, or who is emotionally challenged and/or who overreacts to other dogs? Do you find yourself walking your dog late at night or early in the morning before sun up to avoid encountering other dogs? Be encouraged, there is hope!  Bark, Snark and Growl is a safe place for you and your dog to learn how to be safe and content around other dogs. This class is designed for dogs that lunge, growl, snap or bark at other dogs on leash or off. We use gentle, positive techniques to show your dog the benefits of being around other dogs. (Foundations Level 1 is NOT a prerequisite for this class)


This class requires extensive instructor training, expertise, preparation and involvement. A typical class will have 2 instructors trained and experienced in dealing with reactive dogs and is limited to 4 dogs. Cost of the class is $225 for 8 weeks.

Due to the nature of the class we ask that children under the age of 12 stay home and that the handler always be over the age of 18

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