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Relax and enjoy your polite dog after completing one of our four in-home dog training programs!  Our programs are designed for both puppy training and adult dog training. Each program is focused on your goals for your dog, whether that be general politeness or overcoming behavior issues, or both! Our In-Home Classes include either: Weekly Client Coaching or Train Your Dog For You sessions.  With Client Coaching, we show your how to train your dog and you practice with him during the week. With Train Your Dog For You, we come to your home 4 times a week and teach your dog what to do and what not to do.  Each week we have a transfer session with you to ensure that your dog will listen to you just as well as he does us.  Programs are offered in Springfield, Nixa, Ozark and some other surrounding areas at additional prices. 
Well Mannered Dog Program      (Weekly Client Coaching)

Well-Mannered Dog –  this program is for the family that wants to take an active role in their dog’s training.  The trainer will come once a week to help you train your dog to begin his journey to becoming the well-mannered pet you always knew he could be!   We will address a few brief issues such as: jumping on guests, loose leash walking, housetraining or nipping.  Or, sessions can also be used to introduce several basic commands like: sit, down, stay and come, with your dog being able to perform with low level distractions.

Program Includes:

3 In Home 75-minute Sessions

1 Follow Up Phone Consultation

15% Off Any Group Dog Training Class

$325 (Springfield, Nixa, Ozark)   


"Dream Dog"

We do all the work

 for you!


Dream Dog - Say goodbye to chaos and hello to peace as you reap the benefits of owning a dream dog.  Your dog will be taught by the trainer to perform good manners skills such as:  No, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop It, Leave it, Loose leash walking, Polite Greetings with people both at home AND in public locations! Bonus behaviors will be added for instance:  a high level skill like “Go to your place” or a couple of tricks such as shake, roll over, speak, etc or focus commands such as Lightning Fast Name Response and Watch Me. Behavior issues will be addressed including but not limited to:  housetraining, chewing and nipping, digging, fear, aggression, herding, stealing, etc .  Your dog will be able to perform in moderate to difficult levels of distractions.


Program Includes:

22 “Train Your Dog For You” Sessions at Home and at Public Locations

8 In Home Transfer Sessions

1 In Home Class Per Year the first 3 years after program completion

Complimentary and Unlimited Group Classes for a Year

An Activity Toy or A Piece of Suggested Training Equipment

8 Follow Up Phone Consultations

Unlimited text and email support for the life of the dog

$2900 (Springfield, Nixa, Ozark)


Creating Polite and Obedient Dogs!



Star Dog – Won’t you be proud to be the owner of a Star Dog!   This is a brilliant dog that listens and quickly responds to his name and is eager to please.   He can perform multiple commands such as: sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, loose leash walk and stay.  Reliably he will perform in modest to high levels of distractions.  This program is also ideal for tackling moderate behavioral issues such as: separation anxiety, fear issues or mild to mid-level aggression.

Program Includes:

5 In Home 75-minute Sessions

3 Follow Up Phone Consultations

Unlimited Email Support during the program

20% Off any Group Class for 6 months 

$515 (Springfield, Nixa, Ozark)                                          


Top Dog Program    (Train your Dog For You)
Top Dog - Sit back and relax as the trainer does what she does best, train your dog for you! Your dog will be taught in his own home how to perform good manner skills such as: No, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop It, Leave it, Loose leash walking and Polite Greetings with people. Common behavior issues will be corrected such as: Housetraining, Chewing and Nipping. You can expect your dog to perform in minor to medium levels of distractions. And YES, he will listen to you, not just his trainer. Each week you will join the trainer in 1 of the 4 sessions to Transfer your dog’s new training and skills over to you!

Program Includes:
12 In Home "Train Your Dog For You" Sessions
4 In Home Transfer Sessions
5 Follow Up Phone Consultations
Unlimited Email and Text Support the first year
20% off Group Classes for a year
$1600 (Springfield, Nixa, Ozark)
Star Dog Program     (Weekly Client Coaching)
Dream Dog Program         -                           (Train your Dog For You)
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